witte strakke minimalistische stoomcabine

Design steamroom

Our steam rooms can be installed either detached or built-in. That way they perfectly fit your interior. The exterior of the cabin standard comes in inox or white, with a glazed front side. The interior standard comes in white or black. Other colours are available as well. It is also possible to opt for glazed corners.
A built-in shower can be installed if desired; in that case we elevate the inside space and we provide a fold up bench instead of a fixed one.
Our standard infrared saunas come in following dimensions. Would you like a custom-built design? That’s possible as well!

ST1: 100cm x 90cm x 200 cm
ST2: 130cm x 90cm x 200 cm
ST3: 155cm x 90cm x 200 cm
ST4: 180cm x 90cm x 200 cm
ST4L: 180cm x 160cm x 200 cm

Our steam rooms can be installed outside as well. We developed a version as outdoor sauna, with optional storeroom/dressing room.

Do you run your own private sauna, wellness centre or B&B? We have special versions of our products, specifically designed for professional use.

It is possible to combine different sets. These are called twins and triplets.