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Do you have a question about the application of our saunas or steam rooms? General, specific or rather technical? Feel free to take a look at the Thermalux FAQ list.


This depends on the starting temperature/outdoor temperature. Count 1.5 degrees per
minute. So if it's 20 degrees outside and you want to go to 80°, it'll take 40 minutes. If it's 0
degrees and you want to get to 80°, it could take an hour. Please note these are target times,
and not binding, everything depends on the region, and place.
For colder regions such as the Alps, for example, we often provide a heater with more power
than the standard, to guarantee the warm-up time.

The electric heater controls itself with a thermostat function, just like in your home. The
wood stove does not have an on/off function. With a wood stove you can go higher in
temperature, but you have to use it for a while to get used to your way of 'heating'.

For the connection we refer to our connection table.

This is a piece of hardware that is added to the control, allowing you to control your sauna
remotely via an app (downloadable via app store or Android). Please note that you need a
good Wi-Fi connection near the sauna. You have to do the setting of the Wi-Fi yourself, we
will provide you with a manual for this.

The delivery time of our models depends on the period and the number of current orders, so
it is variable.

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